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Austra Family Series by Elaine Bergstrom

[Shattered Glass]Shattered Glass

"Vampire Stephen Austra, a talented artist renowned for his wondrous restorations of stained glass, is one of a new breed of modern vampires. He doesn't need to hunt, respects human life, and would never hurt a soul. But a series of appalling murders makes his lover, Helen, question her faith in him." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441000673, Ace Books
Kindle Info: ASIN B004EYSYJ2, December 2010

[Blood Alone]

Blood Alone

"Blood Alone was written after Shattered Glass but the events in the story take place 20 year before those of it's predecessor.

The year is 1938 and Paul Stoddard has come to Portugal to be trained by the master artisans at Austra Glass. He discovers that the Austra family are an inscrutable lot; they are powerfully attractive, wildly talented in a number of the arts, and have an almost parental relationship with the community of workers at AustraGlass. But the closer Paul gets to the Family, the more he finds them involved in intrigue and espionage; despite the avowed neutrality of the company. AustraGlass deals openly with the Nazis, despite the objections of some of their other important clients. Yet several members of the Family are working actively to foil the plans of the Reich.

The Austras are not human-- they drink blood to survive, heal incredibly quickly, shun direct sunlight, and the older members of the Family possess the power of telepathy, and influence over human minds. They learn from infancy to blend in with their human neighbors-- to hide their unusually long arms, their needle sharp rear teeth. Their secret is revealed to Paul in a darkened cell, with both of his knees shattered by an enemy's bullets--a harsh introduction into the nature of the Family, whose allure Paul cannot resist." (from the Official Elaine Bergstrom Web Page)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0515103802, Jove Books, 1990

[Blood Rites]

Blood Rites

"Blood Rites is the continuation of the story line begun in Shattered Glass. Helen Wells has shared blood with Stephen Austra, and in so doing, chosen the life of a vampire. Her heritage has allowed her that choice, and given her the chance to rise above her human limitations and realize her artistic potential-- with all the time in the world to revel in her art and her love for Stephen.

As her body embraces the Austra blood she regains her mobility, which was stolen from her by polio years ago. She develops the Family aversion to full sunlight, and her mental powers increase rapidly allowing her to learn at a highly accelerated rate, and enabling her to open the minds of the mortals around her to both read and influence them as needed. Her instinct begins to develop into the involuntary and nearly infallible power which aids the Family in the hunt, and keeps them alive at all cost in a world filled with cunning and dangerous prey.

To their mutual joy, Helen conceives twins and seems to be making the transition into the Family smoothly, if slowly. All seems to be well, and the time is right for Helen and Stephen to divorce themselves from society for a while to seek seclusion in the woods of Maine. Helen uses the time to explore the abilities that come with her new life, and trying to come to terms with the predatory drives that are part of the package.

The world the happy couple left behind intrudes without warning when Helen's human uncle, police officer Dick Wells, arrives in fear of his life after an altercation and shooting involving the only beloved son of a powerful crime boss. Dick was careful to avoid being followed, but danger is close behind and Helen is given a crash course in the most intense aspects of her new nature, both as a mother and a vampire. Dick finds himself facing his darkest fears as he joins forces with Stephen once again to save those they love from a demented and ruthless killer." (from the Official Elaine Bergstrom Web Page)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441000746, 1991

[Daughter of  the Night]

Daughter of the Night

"Elizabeth Bathori (whose character is based on the real "Blood Countess") is a strong willed young woman who was raised on tales of spirits of the forest and taught by example that her servants are beneath being treated fairly. She is educated and pampered, but her father controls her fate, dictating whom she must marry. The satisfaction she discovers she gets from violence leads her to take out her frustrations on anyone of low enough station to be at her mercy. Enter into her life Catherine Austra, a reclusive vampire who becomes fascinated by Elizabeth. Although she has never cared for a mortal before, Catherine finds herself loving the angry young Elizabeth, and they wake in each other passions they thought were only for others. But something within Elizabeth is tainted and warped, and over time she becomes more and more disconnected from her humanity, despite, or perhaps because of, Catherine's influence." (from the Official Elaine Bergstrom Web Page)

Order Info: 1992 (Out of print)



The Austras are a family of vampires who live among mortals yet stay true to their own heritage. They only number thirty because it is rare to find a mortal woman who can be turned and give birth to children that are vampires. Such women are cherished and when it comes to the family's attention that Irene is one such woman, the vampires keep a watch on her so that when conditions are favorable, a meeting can be arranged.

Richard Austra attends the same college as Irene and, since they are both studying music, they eventually meet. They fall in love and Irene soon learns what she could mean to the Austra family. Uncertain of whether she wants to be turned, she puts some distance between herself and Richard by traveling on tour in Romania. Once there an enemy of the Austras' kidnaps her. Richard comes to rescue her, but he finds himself in danger as well. (from elainebergstrom.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0441011098, Ace Books, 2003

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