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Blood Donor by Michelle Clay

Blood Donor"Private investigator, Mina Black, uncovers the horrible truth about the patients at Paradise Regional. Their blood is being contaminated as part of a gruesome experiment done by the Vampire Council to create a new breed that can rise during the day. Mina quickly becomes involved in a fight for survival when they decide to use her in their experiments. They believe her half-vampire blood is the key to dominating the subversive underworld and when she refuses to assist them, the Council becomes bent on getting a sample of Mina's unique blood, no matter what the cost. She has no choice but involve her partner and the local authorities, throwing them all headlong into a dark and terrifying ride full of dangerous twists and turns. Every corner is a possible trap and with time running out for her and the patients, Mina decides she must take a stand against these evil creatures before it's too late. Alliances will change and new enemies will be made as Mina fights to keep the monsters at bay, conceal the secret of her own blood and sort out the tangled shreds of her love life." (from Amazon.com)

Sequel: Blood Lust

Paperback Info: ISBN 141374530X, PublishAmerica, 2004

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