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Blood of the Goddess, The by William Schindler

[The Blood of  the Goddess]A Dutch merchant marine arrives in India in 1612 and is abducted by a mysterious stranger with a horrible secret who claims he is the sailor's immortal teacher and lover from a past life. The two trek together into the Himalayas in search of a secret shrine of the Goddess where the young man is to undergo a blood ritual that will transform him into an immortal. Although aided by supernatural beings, they face a terrifying foe who seems bent on foiling their purpose. They meet many colorful characters and witness miracles, both beautiful and bizarre. Reincarnation and destiny reunites old friends, lovers, and foes over three centuries. Their love faces the ultimate test, and the suspenseful conclusion unravels a mystery that none but the ancient immortal, Kedar Baba, suspected. Hindu philosophy and mythology are woven throughout this uplifting homoerotic adventure that takes the vampire genre to a new level. (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0738847194, Xlibris Corp.

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