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Blood Red: A Vampires Love Story by J.C. Brinson-Untiet

[Blood Red]This is the story of a spirited Irish lass named Kathleen O'Brien who lives in a village full of dark intrigue. Death seems to come on a dark wing. When she is but 13 her family, fearing for her life, sends her to Dublin to Saint Bridgett's Convent, hoping to keep her safe. But Kathleen, being a girl of spirit, takes it upon herself to return after securing a position as a governess with a newly arrived English couple. Kathleen arrives in all her splendor. She has a plan: to marry the local handsome prince with or without his permission. After her arrival, the lady of the house and two daughters are found slain; then another murder takes place shortly thereafter. Is it true? Do vampires roam the hills? When Kathleen's mother and a visiting Scotland Yard detective are taken hostage, Kathleen must turn to the handsome prince and his family for help. But are the rumors true? Are the prince and his family vampires? (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1413708218, PublishAmerica

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