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Bound in Blood: The Erotic Journey of a Vampire by David Thomas Lord

[Bound in Blood]"Will our era of technological marvels lead to genetically engineering a new, immortal "generation" of fangless vampires? After all, handsome, blond Jack, aka wealthy Parisian Jean-Luc Courbet, sometimes replaces old-fashioned canine teeth with two-inch, folding, stainless steel blades. The gay and independently wealthy art collector, who writes articles for art journals and magazines for his own amusement, also has taste, verve, and his own tuxedo. No mere coffin for him! In his new Greenwich Village digs, he sleeps in an antique, carved Moorish chest. Still, 120 years of vampirish love is still blood lust, and Jack is lonely. No number of well-built, virile young men seduced into spilling their blood for him can obscure that reality. Lord ends this journey through nights of lust and blood with a set-up for a sequel, and to be sure, an audience for Courbet's adventures is to be found among Ann Rice enthusiasts, though some of those may be put off when the teeth of a cop taken hostage are used for graphic dismemberment." (From Booklist © American Library Association)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1575667649, Kensington Pub., 2001

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