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Calling Series by Caridad Pineiro

[Darkness  Calls]Darkness Calls

FBI agent Diana Reyes' latest case places her undercover at a hot New York club, the Lair, hoping to attract the attention of a serial killer and stop him before another woman becomes his victim. What she doesn't expect are the attentions of the club's owner, Ryder Latimer, or to find his southern charm so appealing. Ryder also feels drawn to Diana, but the phrase "not her type" never held more meaning: he is a vampire and has no place in her world. But as pressure mounts in the investigation, heat rises between Diana and Ryder, until neither can resist their forbidden passion. Pineiro crafts strong sexual tension and a fascinating portrait of both Diana's and Ryder's internal struggle with their respective dark natures. Die-hard paranormal fans may miss the lack of a larger supernatural world, but readers who like just a touch of the unusual will find this romantic suspense a satisfying read. (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0373273533, Silhouette, 2004

[Danger  Calls]

Danger Calls

"One night was all it could ever be . . .

Because Dr. Melissa Danvers was a vampire’s keeper. Honor-bound to repay the man who’s always been there for her, Melissa hoped the 140-year-old immortal could uncover the mystery surrounding her parents’ deaths. Complicating her mission was Sebastian Reyes, the young, sexy entrepreneur whose wild lovemaking left her sated, yet burning for more.

One night of passion with the beautiful healer would haunt Sebastian the rest of his life. Now Melissa needed his computer expertise to unravel a crime and stay one step ahead of a desperate killer. Sebastian was strictly a no-strings-attached guy. Until danger and desire delivered him to the one woman his soul couldn’t forget." (Summary from series website)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0373274416, Silhouette, 2005

[Temptation  Calls]

Temptation Calls

"She’d once been a victim of cruelty to men. Now she was a vampire.

As lives went, both of hers had sucked. At least when it came to the opposite sex. So New York City vampire Samantha Turner vowed to spend her immortal life protecting the helpless and shielding herself from the violence of men’s passions. Then she met NYPD detective Peter Daly.

His lust for life, for justice – for her – was a temptation she couldn’t deny. It was enough to lure her out of the darkness and into his embrace, for a little while, enough to make her trust him when an old evil reemerged. But would it be enough when she at last revealed her true nature?" (Summary from series website)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0373274416, Silhouette, 2005

[Death  Calls]

Death Calls

"Darkness Calls to humans as well as vampires. . .

When FBI Agent Diana Reyes fell in love with Ryder Latimer, she knew that there were things she would give up. For the passion her vampire lover brought into her life, it seemed a fair trade. Now she isn’t so sure. The darkness vampires walk in wakes something inside her, something that frightens her even as it excites. Something that makes her wish for a more “normal” life.

Ryder understands her fears . . . and has fears of his own: losing her, of the void that would fill him without her. But when a case draws Diana into a purely human darkness, Ryder must make a decision: Can he let her go? Or will he step between her and death, no matter if she hates him afterward" (Summary from series website)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0373617534, Silhouette Nocturne, 2006

[Devotion  Calls]

Devotion Calls

"Sara’s mom is terminally ill and wanting to try all avenues to make her better, Sara takes her to Ricardo, whom she believes to be a santero. Ricardo had helped her mother earlier, but he knows that he is reaching the limits of what he can do. This creates tension between them since Sara has always doubted his assertions as to what he is and what he can do.

Add to this mix a different creature — a chupacabra — or goat sucker. The chupacabra is similar to a vampire, sucking the blood of animals in order to survive. I’ve given the chupacabra mythology a twist, though, which soon has the creature going after Ricardo." (Summary from series website)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0373617550, Silhouette Nocturne, 2007

[Devotion  Calls]

Blood Calls

"Diego Rivera lost his life during the Spanish Inquisition, but when he is saved by becoming a vampire, he swears to become a better man. Ramona Escobar is a promising young artist who is struggling with a mother with Alzheimer’s and a disease that is slowly robbing Ramona of life. Ramona unwittingly becomes involved in an art fraud and when her life is threatened, handsome art gallery owner Diego Rivera comes to her aid. Attraction will flare to life between the two, but both Diego and Ramona are hiding secrets. When Diego reveals his true face to Ramona, she reveals the truth of her existence – that she may soon die. Will love help Diego find a way to deal with Ramona’s betrayal and his own secrets, or is it the call of her blood that is tempting him to put the bite on her?"
(Summary from series website)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0373617631, Silhouette Nocturne, 2007

[Holiday with a  Vampire]

Fate Calls (In Holiday with a Vampire)


Silhouette Nocturne is proud to present these two sensual, heartwarming tales of love during the holiday season. True, the heroes may not wear red suits or be very jolly. But tall, dark and handsome, with the unusual power to thrill, can sometimes be the best gift of all.

In Christmas Cravings by Maureen Child, a vampire finds himself in need of a miracle, and discovers it on the doorstep of his childhood home in the form of Theresa Franklin.

Most women dream of being swept off their feet by a man—not whisked away by a devastatingly handsome vampire. But for Connie Morales in Fate Calls by Caridad Piñeiro, Hadrian's tempting kisses make her long to deliver the gift of life to a man who thinks he has no soul.…

Paperback Info: ISBN 0373617763, Silhouette, 2007

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