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Celic by Jayne Waggoner

Celic"Celic, a nineteen-year-old college student, is given a potion by an ex-girlfriend. He is transformed into a vampire and a carrier of a virus. Within weeks, he is staked through the heart and rests in a casket as bones for almost one hundred years before being sold to a wealthy attorney. As he is transported from his homeland to Pennsylvania, the airplane crashes and he finds himself in strange surroundings. His sole instinct is survival. As he starts to encounter his victims, he realizes how much he misses the nightlife of his youth. Torn between the need to remain apart and the desire to become human, Celic fights a battle within himself. Celic, in a world not chosen, is determined to overcome all obstacles and endure." (From Amazon.com)

Sequel: Vadas

Paperback Info: ISBN 1604742844, PublishAmerica, 2008

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