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Children of the Dragon Series by T.M. Moore

Destiny's ForgeDestiny's Forge

Honor and duty, loyalty and betrayal, friendship and love, through the interlacement of action adventure, political intrigue and romance. Follow the adventures of Antonia Bellero, a half human alien vampire, who is on a manhunt for an old enemy from her world. Through a quirky twist of fortune she winds up serving on IFDC Destiny's Forge, where she faces several obstacles in her path that pose a grave threat to the destiny of the human race as well as her own. When her hunts leads her to find her quarry she discovers that her own destiny is not quite what she thought it would be.

This book is an amalgam of a series of short stories written during the years 1988 to 1995 for a fanzine, now reworked and adapted to novel format and linked by a common theme. It is the genesis of a new species of living alien vampire not seen in the SF genre before.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1411611624, Lulu.com, 2006

To Taste The Dragon's Blood

To Taste The Dragon's Blood

Imagine that everything you knew or thought you knew about humanity's place in the universe is turned upside down by just a few days spent on the surface of Mars. Jonathan Kraine is a well-known explorer and archaeologist who finds that reality is just as fantastic as myth, and that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, when he stumbles upon an ancient ruin buried beneath the surface. His life is changed forever when he discovers the answers to some of the greatest mysteries of all time through his association with an alien vampire named Andru.

This is a prequel to "Destiny's Forge". It is about truth and justice, and the choices humanity must make if it is to survive as a species, placed against the backdrop of questions about human history and the future of space exploration. It also reveals various character traits of this species of alien vampire not seen in the first novel. To read this one first would be rather like turning to the last page in the book to see how it comes out.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1847283365, Lulu.com, 2006



Book 3 of the Children of The Dragon series, a chronicle of the Xosan, alien vampires who were once human but transformed by a dragon's blood. An anthology of short stories and art inspired by the first two books including characters introduced in them along with a gallery of illustrations and short exerpts from previous works. This book contains blood, violence and some adult sexual content. Stories include: Red Dragon, The Queen's Marksman, The Black Witch, Virus plus more..

Paperback Info: ISBN 0615159184, Ikthalion Press, 2007

Website: www.ikthalion.com

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