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Come the Night by Angelique Armae

[Come the Night]"In medieval Ireland, an evil entity stalks Lazarus Conlon, Vampyre patriarch, threatening the safety of his wife and his family tribe. But to conquer this enemy, Lazarus must first fight his own demons including a sacred heritage descended of fallen angels. Amid this strife, Lazarus learns his only true hope rests within the heart and soul of a mortal tracker - his wife - a woman born to hunt his breed. Can his evil antagonist be defeated?

Neomina Delacroix is no stranger to the world of the Vampyre. As appointed heiress of the Tracker Council and the keeper of the Amulet of Christ and the St. John Stake, Neomina's allegiance to her people is sealed in blood. But the true nature of her heritage has been kept secret for years, revealed only to her father - Gerard Delacroix - and to her husband - Lazarus Conlon. When terror strikes the Conlon Tribe, Neomina is their only hope. Can her heart outweigh the duties of her soul?" (from TellTale Press)

Paperback Info: ISBN 159279999X, Amber Quill Press, 2002

Website: Angelique Armae

More by Angelique Armae: Dead Walkers: The Protectorate

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