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Crimson Heir by D.P. Lawson

[Crimson Heir]"Over 400 years ago her father named her Bright Sea Bird, but that was before she met Demetri Vasile and was introduced to the dark pleasures and ravaging pains of the Kingdom of Shadows. Now hiding in plain sight, her name is Khalida Raven and she’s the lead singer for the most popular Goth band since Marilyn Manson. On tour with Sinister Sisters and on the run from vampires who would bring the Kingdom of Shadows openly among humankind, as well as human vampire hunters, Khalida and the gun slinging vampire Lincoln J. Daynes will have to rely on their charm, wit, and seductive abilities to survive." (Summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1596871652, IBooks Inc., 2006

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