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Curse of the Vampire by David A. Wilson

[Curse of the  Vampire]Resurrected vampire Boris Malenkov journeys to the small Georgia town of Mayfield, during the Civil War, to get revenge on the family of the man who had put him to rest, forty-four years before... Mayfield’s doctor, Dr. Weyman Holbrook, is lost in battling the strange evil that is killing his fellow citizens...But help comes in an unlikely source when the Union Army arrives in Mayfield. Dr. Franz Schneider, U.S.A., is a German immigrant familiar with vampires...The two doctors put aside their differences over the Civil War to battle Malenkov...But will they be too late to save Rebecca Lancaster, a beautiful, young, Southern belle, from the Curse of the Vampire? (from PublishAmerica)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1592869378, PublishAmerica

Website: www.david-a-wilson.com

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