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Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Stories edited by Pam Keesey

[Dark Angels]"Sexual and seductive, violently jealous, the lesbian vampire enthralls every lesbian she meets -- and anyone else who happens to catch a glimpse of folklore's quintessential bad girl. In fact, the lesbian vampire is so terrifying and seductively wicked, so powerfully ancient and alluring, that even vampire buffs have tried to keep her under wraps -- enter Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Stories. This unique anthology includes classics such as "The Vampire" from Sardia: A Love Story (1891) by Cora Linn Daniels; "The Bloody Countess" by Alejandra Pizarnik, and many more. Dark Angels features a bit of gender twist as well, with both male and female authors writing from a lesbian point of view. Keesey's introduction and bibliography also make Dark Angels appropriate for scholars in women's studies, gay and lesbian studies, popular cultural studies, or comparative literature." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1573442526, Cleis Press

More by Pam Keesey: Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Stories

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