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Dark Blood of Poppies, The by Freda Warrington

[The Dark  Blood of Poppies]"The ballerina Violette Lenoir has fallen victim to the bite of the vampire Charlotte. Her fire and energy have fuelled a terrifying change and lead her to a dreadful realisation--she has become Lilith, the demon mother of all vampires. Haunted both by what she has done and Violette's dark sensuality, Charlotte and her immortal lover Karl are drawn towards Violette and the terrible destiny that has fallen on her shoulders.

But other, far more dangerous shadows are gathering around Violette, including the vampire Sebastian, terrified by the havoc Violette could wreak to his plans to bring all of mankind underneath his dark wing." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0330338501, Firebird Dist., 1995

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