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Darkest Thirst, The: A Vampire Anthology edited by Thomas J. Strauch

[Dark Thirst]"Sixteen tales of the undead's darkest thirsts...and darkest desires. Eerie, thought provoking stories by some of the genre's finest writers and emerging new talents, including Robert Devereaux, Edo van Belkom, William R. Trotter, Rick R. Reed, Barb Hendee, Margaret Carter, Sue Burke, Scott Goudsward, d.g.k. goldberg, Thomas J. Strauch, Michael Arruda, Kyle Marffin, Paul McMahon, Deborah Markus, Julie Anne Parks and Stirling Davenport." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1891946005, Design Image Group, 2998

More by Thomas J. Strauch: Kiss of Death

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