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Darkness Therein, The by Kate Hill

[The Darkness  Therein]"Nothing could thwart a vampire’s revenge--except the love of one woman.

The Student: Charlie is not your average art major. She paints with historical accuracy people and places she’s never seen. It’s the psychic call of her most recent portrait which lures her into midnight danger and a meeting with her destined mentor, the most threatening man she’ll ever dare to love.

The Teacher: Tormented by a tragic past, Jocelyn has lost all human emotions except hatred. His only desire is to obliterate the creature who destroyed his mortal existence. Falling in love with his new apprentice isn’t part of his plan for revenge, but he’s unable to deny the passion in his all-too-human soul." (from RFI West Pub.)

Sequel: The Immaculate

eBook Info: ISBN 1929034571, RFI West Publishing

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