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Darksome Thirst by Morven Westfield

Darksome  Thirst"What happens when a logical, no-nonsense computer operator encounters a vampire among the machinery? When Alicia Anderson first became aware of the shadows in the computer room, she dismissed them as figments of an overactive imagination. Meanwhile, fledgling witch Matricaria has begun to receive psychic messages - vivid dreams and tarot card readings - that point to a terrible fate for someone near her. She and her coven attempt to decipher the symbols, hoping to prevent a tragedy. Soon the lives of these very different women intersect. Can Matricaria, a mere trainee, decode the nightmares in time to save Alicia? Is Matricaria or her coven any match for a vampire who has lived for nearly a century? Darksome Thirst is a fast-paced, atmospheric tale of a young woman who must resolve the difference between what her logical mind tells her and what she is actually experiencing, the first in a series of novels about Alicia and Matricaria and their battles against the unknown." (from Amazon.com)

Sequel: The Old Power Returns

Paperback Info: ISBN 0974174033, Harvest Shadows Publications, 2003

Website: www.morvenwestfield.com

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