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Death by the Drop by Timothy Massie

Death by the  Drop"Death By The Drop is the adventurous tale of John Steele's second chance at life... though in his case this second chance means becoming one of the undead - a vampire. Don't look for the dark, brooding characters commonly found in many popular vampire novels. Our heroes are fun-loving characters, who appreciate a good joke or prank as much as any human. John's adventure begins in New Orleans, but before he gets an opportunity to experience his new existence to the fullest, he's almost done in by one of his own kind. Determined to take advantage of his second chance, John sets out to be everything he wasn't as a human. Things quickly become chaotic, thanks to a top secret FBI unit, a misguided group of Templars, and a great-grandfather who not only helps save the night, but also knows how to throw a heck of a party!" (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1419690671, BookSurge Publishing, 2008

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