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Descendant: Chronicles of the Ipswich Witch by Miranda Bachman

[Descendant: Chronicles of the Ipswitch Witch]"Some people love life so much that they refuse to leave it even in death. Cleona Conant (The Ipswich Witch), who died in 1721 has refused to give up the ghost. She has been body swapping ever since her death to remain here in the mortal realm. In 1780, she devised an elaborate plan to cross the paths of her future granddaughter Raven (twenty generations down her line), with an ancient vampire named Alasdair. Aided by the use of spells, incantations and Uber-shadowing, her plan moved into motion in 1983, when Alasdair discovered Raven and set his heart on making her his companion. Through a span of nearly seventy years he guarded her, all throughout her mortal life. However, once he gave her his eternal kiss he ultimately, and without his knowing, led their lives down a path which neither of them had the ability or knowledge to escape from what lay ahead. Does good always conquer evil, or does evil win once in awhile? Find out in DESCENDANT: Chronicles of the Ipswich Witch." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1449995365, CreateSpace, June 2010

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