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Dracul: The Vampire Returns by James C. Wardlaw

[Dracul: The  Vampire Returns]"Have you ever wondered what happened to the characters in Bram Stoker's classic novel, DRACULA? What happened to the lovely Mena or to her fiancé, Jonathan Harker? How did their lives turn out after Dracula was no longer a danger—or is Dracula ever no longer a danger? Dracul: The Vampire Returns answers these questions and more. It captures all of the horror of the original story and also the lust associated with Dracula's legend. Jeffrey Harker, the son of Jonathan Harker, is plagued all his life by questions about his own birth and life, and even by questions about who his real mother is. He feels his life is complete when he becomes engaged to the beautiful Jessica Frasier, yet the darkness from his past, the questions surrounding his very identity, soon turn his happiness into terror. Robar Libellule, AKA Robar Dracul, must exact his revenge on the Harkers and has waited thirty-five years to do it, and he does so in traditional gothic vampire fashion." (from back of book)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1591298687, PublishAmerica, 2002

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