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Erotic Vampire Series edited by Cecilia Tan

Blood Kiss: Vampire Erotica

"Blood Kiss continues to sell as the vampire craze brought on by Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire continues to grow. Blood Kiss contains the first appearance of "Cinnamon Roses" by Renee M. Charles, chosen for inclusion in the 1995 Best American Erotica by Susie Bright." (from Circlet Press, on Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1885865007, Circlet Press, 1994

[Erotica Vampirica]

Erotica Vampirica: Sensual Vampire Stories

"In the tradition of Blood Kiss: Vampire Erotica (Circlet Press, 1994) Erotica Vampirica collects tales of vampire mythos where sex and sexuality are no longer sublimated or hidden. These vampires are more than just allure and smoke, they burn with lust and the physical need to sate their hunger." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1885865082, Circlet Press, 1996

[Cherished Blood]

Cherished Blood: Vampire Erotica

"Cherished Blood is the third of Circlet Press's top-selling erotic vampire anthologies. Distinguished from the popular works of Anne Rice and other vampire authors, whose vampires suck blood instead of having sex, Cherished Blood features vamps whose physical needs go beyond a nightly drink." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 188586518X, Circlet Press, 1997

[A Taste of Midnight]

A Taste of Midnight: Vampire Erotica

Stories include: "Descend" by Pagan O'Leary, "Goddess of the Wine" by Kate Hill, "Waiting for Sunset" by Elizabeth Thorne, "Pale Smoke" by Raven Kaldera, "Would You Live for Me?" by Mary Anne Mohanraj, "The Only" by Steve Eller, "Initiation into Club Sanguis" by Renee M. Charles, "Desmodus" by Bryn Haniver, "Tripping" by Margaret L. Carter, "Dream-Eater" by Gary Bowen and "She Who Waits" by Catherine Lundoff.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1885865236, Circlet Press, 2000

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