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Fiery Roses by Lorena Glass

[Fiery Roses]"It is the close of the third millenium. A very old vampire has just awakened. He is Tossamer Shaxlo, and he has come to Chicago to feed and to repopulate his kind. There is absolutely nothing standing in his way?except five other vampires. They are Ian, Rhea, Kyle, Dallion, and Athos; and they are the last of a special breed of vampires that have protected humans for centuries. At the same time, four humans are being haunted by shared nightmares of blood and killing, as well as a growing fear. They are Jonathan, Matthew, Lisbeth, and Chelsia Corvasis, and though they don't understand exactly what their instincts are telling them, they do know that all the savage fury of Hell is about to break loose, and they're going to wind up right in the middle of it. The truth turns out to be much worse. Fiery Roses is the first of four parts of an epic that spans two hundred years; a story of overwhelming darkness, resolute light, and undying love." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN: 1591295734, PublishAmerica, 2002

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