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Forgotten Vampires: Fire Goddess by Dr. Carole Western

The Forgotten Vampires: Fire GoddessUNIQUE FORGOTTEN VAMPIRES have returned to love, thrill and kill. IF YOU LIKED TWILIGHT OR THE VAMPIRE DIARIES YOU WILL LOVE Fire Goddess. It is the first book of a unique series of supernatural, suspense, greed, power, murder and eternal love element books. Each book covers the adventures of one of the seven vampire brothers called The Karazans. They use fangs only to fight for survival. Nature has provided them with an ingenious way to obtain blood from their victims. THE FORGOTTEN VAMPIRES have been hidden for thousands of years. NOW, THEY ARE BACK TO THRILL AND KILL! In Fire Goddess, Aimee McKenzie is a part-Hawaiian orphan living with her Gramps McKenzie in Star Valley, Wyoming. She receives a telegram inviting her to visit the Hawaiian Islands from her other Grandfather Kulana (with whom she has never had any contact) and jumps at the chance. Aimee is excited and unaware she has a cousin Alon who is a Karazan Vampire, filled with jealousy and planning to kill her. Alon means to be the only heir to the Kulana fortune. Thanks to Polihanu, the nicest of the four sister Fire Goddesses; who sends Kiyoto, her servant to protect Aimee from Alon, Pele, Fire Hounds, regular vampires, Lava Demons and a Kaboshi witch, the battle evens out. Even so, Kiyoto and Aimee fall in love and as mortal/immortal love is forbidden, Polihanu is in a very difficult and dangerous situation. She must make a decision about Aimee's future and try to save them both- that is, if Kiyoto can keep them alive long enough...

Written by award winning and internationally acclaimed author and professor of Creative Writing, Dr. Carole Western.

Paperback Version: ISBN 1478714697, Outskirts Press, March 2013

Website: www.carolewesternphd.com

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