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Gothique by Kyle Marffin

[Gothique]"Step into the dark side of the darkwave. Join the children of the night--desperately hoping, dreaming, wishing for it all to be true, to become real: their songs, their books, their films, their role-playing games and all their fashionable flirtations and imagined supernatural power and dark romance. Oh please, be real... A city anxiously embraces the grand opening of Gothique. 'Nightclub Extraordinaire', mecca for the disaffected goth kids and decadent scene-makers. But a dark secret lurks behind Gothique's doors, where the evil is all too real, where a nightmare of bloodshed and something far worse than death is unleashed, where hopeless screams of despair are muffled by the relentless darkwave dance beat. Welcome to Gothique. You'll just die." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1891946064, Design Image Group, 2000

More by Kyle Marffin: Carmilla: The Return

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