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Guardian, The by Beecher Smith

[The  Guardian]"The Guardian is about a once-prominent Memphis attorney (Dalton Stallings) who was nearly ruined by an unscrupulous adversary, Reynolds Field. Dalton is saved from his downhill slide into alcoholism and financial ruin when he is retained by the charming and fabulously wealthy Hungarian doctor Lad Stravos, who, unknown to Dalton, also happens to be a vampire. When the evil Field takes unfair legal and financial advantage of Dr. Stravos, he vows harsh retribution ("I shall eat your soul!"). Everything thereafter goes wrong for Ren Field, culminating in his own bungled attempt to gun down Stravos at his Halloween party. Field is adjudicated a lunatic and, ironically, Dalton is appointed his guardian. He learns from his mad former worst enemy that his benefactor is a vampire and must destroy Stravos to save Field and Memphis. Hence the question on the cover, "What if you had to kill your best friend to save your worst enemy?" (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0967166705, Hot Biscuit Productions, 2002

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