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Guardians’ League Series by Amelia Elias


"Explosions, car wrecks, assassins, escaped murderers, and a kidnapping.arranged marriages can really take their toll on a vampire. First installment in The Guardians' League series (stand-alone novels with shared characters that may be read in any order but work best in the correct order). Witness to a brutal murder, Sian Lazuro didn't count on the killer escaping moments after his conviction. Three years later, she's learned the hard way there's only one person she can trust-herself. When she wakes up in bed with a gorgeous stranger who claims to have saved her life, she's understandably wary. Diego Leonides is like no one she's ever met before. Sensual, mysterious, and clearly delusional, he insists not only is he a vampire, but she's now his eternal mate. Diego never dreamed he'd find his mate by getting hit by her car, and he's no happier about their sudden bonding than she is. The only survivor of a massacre that wiped out his entire Clan, he's spent the last century avoiding taking a mate. Now he finds himself stuck with a woman running from a murderer just as the descendants of the vampire slayers who killed his family arrive in San Francisco to finish the job with him. Arranged marriages are hard enough on a vampire without having to convince his mate that the real bloodthirsty fiends are the mortals. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, violence." (Summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1599982617, Samhain Pub, September 2006


"In one instant, everything Renee Hardin knew was destroyed. Vampires were real, and now she had the bloodlust and fangs to prove it. Thrown into a new world, the only friend she has is Eli, a man who could've been drawn from her worst fears... or her darkest dreams. Mysterious and ancient, Eli is the most powerful of vampires and the most determined to rid the world of the predators that feast upon the innocent. He has spent thousands of years alone, wanting nothing, needing no one. But when a beautiful woman's mortal life is stolen before his eyes by the very Outcasts he hunts, Eli has no choice but to pose as her Sire and take her in and try to prevent their evil from poisoning her soul. Sexual attraction between Sire and fledgling is utterly forbidden, yet every moment with Renee makes him all the more aware that he is not her Sire. Fearless, sassy, and vibrantly alive, she awakens feelings he thought long dead and buried. But how can he risk loving her when it would mean revealing the sins that caused the gods to turn their backs on him for eternity? Warning, this title contains explicit sex and violence." (Summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1599982900, Samhain Pub, November 2006


"Gareths To Do List: Defend New Orleans. Fight a vampire war. Keep humans ignorant of above. Win the girl. Not To Do: Die. Book Three of the Guardians League Gareth Ambrocio is the charismatic and dedicated patriarch of New Orleans Arachnid Clan, as well as a senior member of the Leagues Governing Council and the official Ambassador of the Clans. Fancy titles for a man who enjoys giving vampire tours around New Orleans to spread false information to tourists. Despite being one of the oldest living vampires, Gareth has yet to find a mate or name an heir. Meeting the lovely dhampyr Alexa provides him the perfect opportunity to finally take a bondmate and create that heir. The problems start as soon as he begins his efforts to court her. All hell breaks loose in his city. Women go missing and wind up dead, Outcast attacks become bolder, and an upstart vampire challenges Gareth for his position and for Alexa. Keeping her safe would be a lot easier if Alexa would admit that vampires truly existed, but Gareth has always relished a good challenge. When the attacks and threats draw ever closer to her, Gareth must find out who or what is behind these strange events before he loses his Chosen mate, his Clan, his city and his life Warning, this title contains the following: adult situations, graphic language, violence." (Summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1599987252, Samhain Pub, February 2008

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