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Host Trilogy by Selina Rosen

The HostThe Host

"Investigative reporter Jane Weston has a problem. Wherever she goes, the undead follow. They have cost her several well-paying, high-profile jobs in metropolitan areas, but she was sure that she would escape them when she took a job at WGBN in Jones Port, Arkansas. No such luck! It seems these blood-sucking night dwellers will follow their host to the end of the civilized world - and even beyond. Tracy Cohen is the rabbi of the small Jewish congregation in Jones Port. Tracy lost a lover to gang violence in New York and was rejected by her orthodox family because of her sexual orientation. Tracy's life has been filled with turmoil, but nothing has prepared her to do battle with the undead in the streets of Jones Port, for the soul of an investigative reporter." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893687872, Yard Dog Press, 2007

Fright Eater

Fright Eater

"FRIGHT EATER is the second book in the HOST series. When it opens, it has been three years since Tracy Cohen went into combat against the undead in Jones Port, Arkansas. In that time, she has been asked to join an intelligence agency which deals with... well, extraordinary cases. In this capacity, she has fought vampires on several different fronts. Her constant dealings with other-worldly situations has caused her to lose touch with the mundane, and the cost is her relationship with Jane Weston.

Now the agency has called her across the country to battle the soulless in Wako City. A city torn apart by racism and hatred as a group of Neo Nazis prepare to march through a part of the city heavily populated by Holocaust survivors. Among those survivors are Tracy's estranged family.

But Nazis and vampires are only part of the problem, and Tracy finds herself up against her most powerful foe to date. Can Tracy deal with her past, secure the present, and insure the future of the world?


Paperback Info: ISBN 1893687880, Yard Dog Press, 2007

Gang Approval

Gang Approval

"The Third Book in THE HOST Series In a big city ghetto, two groups of Soulless fight over turf, masquerading as rival street gangs and destroying the community around them in the process. Rabbi Traci Cohen and her rag-tag group of vampire hunters take on the inner city, apathy, and the undead in this, the most action-packed book of the series to date. If you embrace the darkness, it will consume you." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893687899, Yard Dog Press, 2007

Website: www.selinarosen.com

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