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Image Series by Jay Roycraft

Double ImageDouble Image

"Dalys Aldgate has been a survivor for 235 years. Life as an Australian convict had sharpened his survival skills, but the bush also bestowed him the ultimate gift of survival--a journey to the Other Side. His soul left behind, Dalys became a mirror for those still human--a polished surface upon which the living can project their fantasies, never seeing the "monster" on the mirror's other side. In present day Mississippi, "Dallas" lives a reclusive life as owner of a haunted inn while trying to forget his even more haunting past.

Ex-cop Tia Martell is now a freelance photographer trying to adjust to life "after The Job" and put the years of violence and death behind her. While on assignment to shoot antebellum mansions in Natchez, Mississippi, murder brings her face-to-face with Dallas Allgate, the coldest, yet most fascinating, man Tia has ever met. Before Tia can unravel the mystery of the man with the hypnotic eyes, a young vampire and his master, Jermyn St. James, seek out Dallas for revenge. St. James only wants Dallas’ true death until he sees Tia. Now he wants her, too.

Tia's in danger from St. James, but she's in even more peril from Dallas--the man who knows death even better than she does. In their struggle for life, one of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. But will Dallas let Tia make her own choices, or will he bend her will by projecting her fantasies upon his... Double Image." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893896668, Imajinn Books, 2001



"Russian Alek Dragovich, enforcer for the Undead, is feeling the weight of his years and has yet to find the elusive affaire d'amour that would lighten his burden. Nothing, but nothing, is going well. His position in the Directorate is in jeopardy, and even his mentor Nikolena is threatening to remove her support if Drago doesn't stop employing his unorthodox methods of resolving his cases. Nikolena gives Drago one last chance to redeem himself-to locate and eliminate a high-ranking member of the Brotherhood who is using forbidden methods to ascend the hierarchy. Still, Drago has little interest in Nikolena's schemes until this one becomes personal. When someone tries to kill him...that's personal.That "someone" is raven-haired Gypsy Marya Jaks, daughter of a dhampir, offspring of a vampire and his mortal wife. Dhampirs are famous among the Roma for their ability to detect vampires, thereby making them perfect vampire killers. When Marya learns that Drago has deemed her a threat to the vampire community and has ordered her termination, she strikes back. Drago, the hunter, has become the hunted, but is it Marya who truly wants him dead or Nikolena's mysterious power-hungry vampire? Drago resolves to keep Marya alive until he can learn the truth, and he must summon the strength of will to elevate himself from pawn to player in the deadliest of games.The afterimage of Drago's neon blue eyes has haunted Marya from the first moment she encountered him in her bedroom, but will the image signify her destruction, or a bond so powerful it can overcome a legacy of hatred." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893896749, Imajinn Books, 2002

 Shadow Image

Shadow Image

"Shelby Cort has had enough of working for a big-city police department. Ricard De Chaux, the notorious le docteur la mort and ex-Paramount for the Undead in France, has been escaping for years and now reluctantly works his way back into human society. They meet in the small town of Shadow Bay, Michigan—Shelby as Sheriff and Ric as the new county medical examiner.

When dead bodies start to pop up in unlikely places and the killings go unsolved, Shelby comes under attack from town officials, the media, and her own co-workers. She finds an ally in the new ME, both grateful for his support and drawn by his exotic good looks.

But what Shelby doesn’t know is that the killer isn’t human. What she also doesn’t know is that the cool, collected Dr. De Chaux is by night Doctor Death, the new Overlord of the local Undead, whose top priority is to protect his new charges. Doctor Death hides one piece of evidence after another from the Sheriff, as all the while Ric fills Shelby’s off-duty time with longing and passion.

When the killer goes after Shelby and all Ric’s secrets are on the line, where will his allegiance fall?" (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893896781, Imajinn Books, 2002

Immortal Image

Immortal Image

"The Directress Nikolena needs a spy. An illegal secret society of vampires has sprung up in Baton Rouge and is creating a small army of "aberrations," creatures that are half-human, half-vampire, and highly susceptible to the will of their masters. Led by Vangeline, a mysterious female reputed to possess great power, this society is a threat not only to the human world, but the hierarchy as well. Nikolena's past enforcier fell victim to l'amour. Needing someone who is immune to feminine wiles, she turns to her favorite new enforcer, whose motto is "no one goes Scott-free."

Revelin Scott is normally pretty easygoing. Even the snide comments of his coworkers that he's nothing but Nikolena's "new dog" don't faze the new enforcer. But when Rev is instructed to dye his hair, change his name, and go undercover, he fears the worst. When he's saddled with a young woman whose brother was one of Vangeline's aberrations, Rev knows the case will be bad. Denice Geron has information he'll need to infiltrate the society, but her disrespect and defiance test his patience to the limit.

Denice's brother Michel, infected with vampire blood, had the strength of will to resist the machinations of the société, and before he was found out and killed, he was able to relay information to his sister. Denice seeks help of the Brotherhood and is passed up the chain of command, but instead of getting what she envisions as the epitome of vampirekind, she gets "Sean Ardwolf," a cocky young vampire who looks more like a debauched rock star than Dracula.

She helps him gain access to the société, but Vangeline is more powerful than anyone imagined, and even Revelin/Sean is drawn into her web of seduction and poisoned by her tainted blood. Denice is his only salvation, but it would mean her death to help him now. A few weeks ago the decision for both would have been easy. Now nothing is easy, no one is to be trusted, and there's no going back." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893896838, Imajinn Books, 2003

Website: www.jroycraft.com

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