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Issla, A Vampire Living In The 21st Century by G. A. Endless

[Issla]"Set in the present century, Issla is a 3,000 year old Egyptian Vampire of A royal family, awakens to find her Grandfather dying. She hasn't left her pyramid in over 50 years. Fearing she might be next to be assassinated, she flees to Beverly Hills, Ca. Her murderous uncle is frantically searching for her and the family relic she is in possession of. The Medallion Of Annubis allows its wearer to travel to the world of the dead and leave with anyone they choose. Her Clan is almost extinct and she wonders if she and the uncle are the last of their race. With the aid of her accountant, she is able to contact "The Order Of The Serf" who are indentured mortal servants to the Vampire race.Through them she is sent a companion who she enters into a "Blood Pact" with making her a vampire. The "Blood Pact" is the key to creating and enhancing a vampire's powers and strengths by feeding while engaging in sexual congress. There are two species in the race of vampires. The first is the born vampire or "Truebloods' and the second is the "Undead or Mortal that has been "Turned". Strategically enlisting all the help she from the USA through Europe, she races against the inevitable showdown with her Uncle, the most powerful living vampire. A Clan war ensues and threatens to expose the very existence of their race and the "Vampire Nation" to the world." (From Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 1608606627, Eloquent Books, 2009

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