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Itch by Sloan M. Coll


"What if, instead of nefarious creatures of the night, vampires are the next step in human evolution, struggling for survival amidst fear, prejudice and the continual threat of great violence? Caught in a labyrinth between misty legend and harsh reality, they stumble their way to truth while maintaining a tenuous hold on existence. Nevil Shute's Australian rabbits were the last to succumb to nuclear fallout and rumor has it the cockroach has become nearly indestructible; but unlike those other members of the animal kingdom, humans have the capacity to both recognize a monumental change when it bites them, and understand the absolute necessity of quickly honing their survival skills in preparation for whatever may come.

Abby Taggart is bored, lonely, full of self doubt and mightily dissatisfied with her life, yearning for something to save her from insignificance. Confronted with the answer to her prayers in the form of a 250 year old vampire, she embraces the opportunity, never thinking to question it until she is fully committed with no possibility of turning back.

All that her maker, Josef, imparts of her new life fills her brain with dizzying complications, but when left alone to put it together for herself, she finally begins to realize the ramifications of the talents, strengths, feedings and killings that have become part of her new life. Working out the details, she searches for acceptable ways to commit murder, execute those feedings, earn a living and come to terms with the intricacies of eternal life...if she survives.

Life for Abigail Taggart will never again be dull."

Purchase Info: BN ID: 2940012297785, Sloan M. Coll, April 2011

Website: sloanmcoll.com

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