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Jonathan Barrett Series by P.N. Elrod

[Red Death]Red Death

"Returning to America from his college in London in order to fight in the American Revolution, Jonathan Barrett leaves behind his unearthly girlfriend Nora, a vampire, and takes with him an insatiable thirst for blood." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441710948, Ace Books, 1993

[Death and the Maiden]

Death and the Maiden

"New in the stunning colonial vampire saga. As the Revolutionary War wages outside, the vampire Jonathan Barrett faces an even greater danger within his family's mansion--in the form of a seductive, scheming woman. To protect his loved ones, Jonathan must give in to his unholy hungers . . . and kill again. Original." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441000711, Ace Books, 1994

Death Masque

"Fleeing to England with his sister to avoid the American colonial rebellion, vampire Jonathan Barrett desperately seeks Nora Jones, the mysterious woman who is responsible for transforming Jonathan into one of the living dead." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441001432, Diamond Books, 1995

Dance of Death

"The thrilling vampire history of Death Masque continues as Jonathan Barrett meets an engaging little boy, his son, the child of an almost-forgotten night's dalliance. Jonathan intends to do right by the lad, but his enemies intend to use his affection for the boy against him. The only one who can help Jonathan is his long-lost immortal love. Original." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441003095, Ace Books, 1996

All four Jonathan Barrett novels were collected together in one omnibus edition, Jonathan Barrett, Gentleman Vampire:

[Jonathan Barrett]

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