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Judgement of the Vampire by Michael Pugh

Judgement of the Vampire by Michael Pugh“Set in Britain in 1976, eleven years after the events in The Liverpool Vampire, Judgement Of The Vampire tells the separate stories of Stephen and Dafydd. Stephen is determined to heal the wounds of the past that were caused by the vampire people, and he has been working for over 1000 years to achieve his goal. Dafydd seeks to subjugate the human race, starting with Britain and he is willing to push the rules of being a vampire as far as they will go.

Judgement Of The Vampire sees the final development of Dafydd's sociopathic personality and the damage that being a vampire has done to him. The story also explains Stephen's history and motivations and the two vampires' stories, opposed in their aims, eventually clash in the end.

The story, like The Liverpool Vampire, is told in two alternating halves that together create a complete picture.

This novel contains scenes of a violent and sadistic nature including scenes of torture and so is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.” (Summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Version: Available from projectsofpugh.co.uk

Sequel to: The Liverpool Vampire

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