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Knights of the Darkness Chronicles by D. N. Simmons

[Desires  Unleashed] Desires Unleashed

Enter a world where humans and the supernatural live together in a tenuous co-existence, where neither side trusts the other. As darkness blankets the city, an unknown terror stalks the night searching for human victims. The government funded special police force (Supernatural Unit Investigation Team) better known as the S.U.I.T. division, has assigned two detectives to track down this mysterious threat. The detectives soon discover that this threat may be more than they can handle and they seek outside help from two unlikely candidates. Can the combined forces of four beings be enough to triumph in a deadly race against time? (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1418481157, Authorhouse

[The Guilty  Innocent]The Guilty Innocent

Even the guilty can be innocent...a heinous set-up leads to the arrest of a very powerful vampire. Now, those who know him best must risk their lives to discover the truth before it is too late.

Warning - This novel contains the following warnings. Please be advised AL-Adult Language V-Violence AC-Adult Content S-Strong Sexual Situations D-Suggestive Dialogue FV-Fantasy Violence AS-Adult Situations and a whole lotta good stuff that makes a novel so entertaining it’s irresistible! Enjoyment and satisfaction guaranteed.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1420862871, Authorhouse

[The Royal Flush]The Royal Flush

It's Hunting Season... A group of hunters have set their sights on a new type of prey...supernaturals.Darian, Elise and Xander must join forces to stop them before it's too late. Prepare to be blown away by this action-packed third installment of the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles!D.N. Simmons will take you on yet another adventure you won't be able to forget! Brace yourselves and enjoy the ride!

Paperback Info: ISBN 1425949479, Authorhouse, 2006

[Hostile Territory]Hostile Territory

In this installment, be prepared for the ultimate supernatural adventure! It's no holds barred in this tale and there's going to be hell to pay! A single orchestrated attack initiates a hunt unlike Darian and his friends have ever encountered. You really don't want to miss out. The ante has been upped and they are out for blood!

Paperback Info: ISBN 1419691309, BookSurge, 2008

Website: www.dnsimmons.com

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