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Last Vampire, The by T.M. Wright

[The Last  Vampire]"Elmo Land is a young man when he meets the strange and enigmatic Regina Watson. He’s heard she is crazy, that she keeps a white-faced boy in her back room, but Elmo is drawn to her--even though he knows there is something not right about her. Something unclean. Something deadly. Then he notices the bite marks on his neck. This is the beginning of Elmo Land’s new life. It is also the beginning of a headlong descent into a dark world of compulsion and desire, a world of hunger and obsession, a world dominated by the ever-present need to feed. The world of the vampire comes alive in this daringly original novel by horror master T. M. Wright. It is a view of vampires that you have never seen before--and one you will never forget." (from Dorchester Pub.)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0843949392, Leisure Books

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