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Lee Nez Novels by Aimee and David Thurlo

[Second Sunrise: A Lee Nez Novel]Second Sunrise

"New Mexico State Police Officer Lee Nez is a nightwalker, a Navajo vampire. Thanks to the quick work of a Navajo shaman, Lee can walk about in the day and prefers his blood refrigerated-but his vampire nature makes him a magnet for other supernatural entities. Take his current cases. Lee suspects that the vampire who created him during World War II is back in the US, searching for a cache of stolen plutonium. And Lee's being stalked by the remnants of a pack of skinwalkers-Navajo shapeshifters-who are literally out for his blood. When the FBI shows up, in the person of the very attractive Diane Lopez, Lee's problems only increase. He can't tell Diane that the case she's looking into involves skinwalkers or that its his supernatural abilities that make him such a great cop. And teaming up with Lee could be very hazardous to her health." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0765343673, Forge Books, 2004 (Reprint)

Blood Retribution

Blood Retribution

"Lee Nez is a nightwalker-a Navajo vampire. He's also a New Mexico state police officer. Paired with sexy FBI agent Diane Lopez, Lee is tracking down violent smugglers who have killed two cops while bringing silver and turquoise across the border from Mexico. Shocked to discover that the smugglers are Navajo shapeshifters/skinwalkers, Lee and Diane realize they must wipe out the whole pack, and fast, before the skinwalkers realize there's a nightwalker on their tails. Werewolves and vampires are deadly enemies . . . . Complicating matters, Lee is being stalked by a pair of vampire assassins. He killed the leader of their clan and the survivors are bent on revenge. Blood for blood, as the saying goes." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0765343681, Tor Books, 2005 (Reprint)

Pale Death

Pale Death

"A string of mysterious, gruesome deaths in the Shiprock area has attracted the attention of FBI agent Diane Lopez. She believes the killer is a vampire but the only vampire she knows of is Lee Nez, a State Police officer who prefers his blood chilled from the refrigerator, not hot from someones neck. The victims all worked for a secret government lab, experimenting on a captured vampire. When the vampire, Stewart Tanner, broke free, he avenged himself on the doctors and technicians who had been torturing him. Now he is threatening US government officials, and his vampire abilities make him a nearly invulnerable assassin. If Lee and Diane cant stop Tanner, they will have to kill him, something Lee is reluctant to do. After all, Lee might be the next vampire in the lab." (From Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0765313855, Forge Books, 2005

Surrogate Evil

Surrogate Evil

"It’s frustrating for local law enforcement to come up against a piece of scum like Newton Glover. He’s dirty as hell, everyone knows that—breaks into and vandalizes his neighbors’ homes; cheats and steals from everyone; folks suspect he deals drugs and porn. He’s even killed a man and gotten away with it. He gets away with all of it, hinting that he has a secret government background and that he’s “protected” by the Powers That Be.

Glover may finally have gone too far. He’s suspected of kidnapping a young teenage boy to use for child porn and a pedophile sex-ring. There’s no proof, but this time, Albuquerque police are determined to nail Glover to the wall.

Lee Nez, a Navajo state police officer, and Diane Lopez, an FBI agent, go undercover in Glover’s trailer park. Lee and Diane find that their growing attraction for each other is heightened by their posing as husband and wife, but do not allow that to distract them from their mission. They soon learn that not long ago, Glover’s neighbors tried to take the law into their own hands—they dragged Glover from his home and beat him to death, leaving him in a shallow grave.

To everyone’s shock, a few days later Glover reappeared with not a mark on him. Lee and Diane are no strangers to the supernatural—Lee is a Navajo vampire and Diane’s last FBI partner was killed by a werewolf. Whatever Glover is, they’ll deal with it.

When a second child goes missing and clues link her to Glover, Lee and Diane know they are running out of time. Glover may be some kind of un-dead, but soon those children will be really dead, or worse." (From Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0765316153, Forge Books, 2006

Website: www.aimeeanddavidthurlo.com

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