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Legacy of the Dark Kind Series by Raven Dane

[Blood Tears]Blood Tears

What if you had the choice-to live virtually forever, unchangingly young and handsome but in humiliating isolation? Or accept inevitable death, as you openly confront your enemies. That is the dilemma facing Prince Azrar.

When a foreign human child is abandoned by her family to die in Isolann’s wolf-ridden forests, she is taken to live under Azrar‘s protection as his ward. For the strange ability that Khari possesses, a power that terrified her own people, could be the only chance for Azrar’s survival. The Prince is not human but the last warlord of the Dark Kind, a race of beautiful but deadly creatures that have preyed on mankind since before recorded history. An ancient Pact of duty and honour binds him to protect the humans under his care in the remote mountain realm in the Upper Balkans. The rest of the world has forgotten this land, only oblivion has saved Azrar’s life until the twentieth century and now that fragile security is under threat from brash new humans and their ever-advancing technology. Azrar has no choice but to stay and fight, knowing it will inevitably mean his death but could that sacrifice alone be enough to save his people?

Blood Tears is the first of a series about Azrar and the other survivors of the charismatic though deadly Dark Kind, books that will delight readers who hate when a Van Helsing type appears to spoil the adventures!

Paperback Info: ISBN 1905108311, Discovered Authors, 2005

[Blood Lament]

Blood Lament

"The re-animated corpse of a suicidal, junkie, male whore vampire."

Jazriel's description of himself.

Others have more colourful and explicit opinions about him! Jazriel is the least obvious character to join the pantheon of literature's heroes; vain, hedonistic, insecure and not too bright. Harsher demons then most haunt him - demons like hope and optimism. He is also beautiful, charming and recklessly courageous.

With the Dark Kind's future hanging in the balance, their only hope of survival is the unlikely pairing of this dissolute wreck of a blood-drinker and Gabrielle Railton, a feisty, vampire-hating human.

Blood Lament continues the story of the Dark Kind; eternally youthful, amoral beings of the night, who have preyed on man since the dawn of recorded history but who now, in turn, are in danger of being preyed upon by their enemies.
From bloodtears.co.uk

Paperback Info: ISBN 1905108168, Discovered Authors, 2007

[Blood Alliance]

Blood Alliance

Fear has the world in a stranglehold. Society is falling apart as attacks by an unknown and powerful force spread panic and anarchy. Amid the escalating chaos, an unlikely alliance is formed. Humans and vampires are forced to put aside their age-old enmity and form a partnership against an implacable and seemingly unstoppable foe.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1905108656, Discovered Authors, 2008

Website: www.bloodtears.co.uk

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