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Lord Richard, Vampire Series by Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod

[Keeper of the King]Keeper of the King

"In Gaul at the dawn of the Middle Ages, Lord Richard was his family's fighting man, its invincible champion--until some force twisted his blade from his hand. And then he met the Lady Sabra, who soothed his wounds, healed his pride--and turned him into a vampire under her tutelage. His new job: Keeper of the King of England. True to Sabra's wishes, the English king was keeping civilization alive. Richard's object in unlife: keep the king alive at all costs. But that was then--now it's the 1990s and Richard's job isn't over." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 067187862X, Baen Books, 1998

[His Father's Son]

His Father's Son

"Combining vampire lore and Arthurian legends, Bennett and Elrod have come up with a vampire hero, Richard d'Orleans, who is also none other than Sir Lancelot. Richard, a security specialist in present-day Canada, receives a call for help from a former lover, Stephanie, who afterward married and had three children. When Stephanie's husband, Luis, got mixed up in his brother Alejandro's drug business and then helped the authorities catch some of the drug runners, Richard in turn helped secretly relocate the family to Texas. After reading Stephanie's urgent e-mail, Richard hops a plane to Texas, where he is confronted with a horrifying sight: Stephanie and her two daughters have been shot to death. Richard manages to rescue Stephanie's young son, Michael, who ran away and hid after witnessing the murders. Determined to avenge Stephanie and protect Michael, Richard sets out to find Alejandro, who he is convinced is responsible for the massacre. A gripping thriller with a likable, swashbuckling hero." (from Booklist)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0671319817, Baen Books, 2001

[Siege Perilous]

Siege Perilous

"Vampire hero Richard Dun, once called Lancelot, is back in the latest book in this exciting, critically acclaimed fantasy series by award-winning actor Nigel Bennett and award-winning writer P.N. Elrod. An old enemy from Richard's past, Charon the Assassin, returns and is literally hell-bent on bloody revenge. He's acquired deadly new powers that are annihilating the nebulous plane of Otherside and threaten the very existence of the Realside plane. Unless balance is restored both will be destroyed. From the sultry Yucatan forests to the chill green fields of ancient Glastonbury, Richard Dun marshals his mortal and immortal allies for a fight that will span dimensions and centuries of time. He is no stranger at battling to the death, but how can one earth-bound vampire stand up to a being able to destroy the gods themselves?" (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0743488547, Baen Books, 2004

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