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Love Bite by Sherry Gottleib

"She is one who has explored the dark boundary between pleasure and oblivion. Her love bites leave men in ecstacy, and, most of the time, dead. And now this beautiful and dangerous vampire is hungry for a man who can satisfy her -- and share a love that will truly last forever. So she places a personal ad: What would you do to live happily ever after? Mythical creature seeks mate who can believe. And as for the dates that don't work out? They discover the best, albeit the last, sex of their lives with her first kiss...

Soon the drained bodies attract the attention of LA homicide detective Jace Levy. The killings are unlike anything he's ever seen. The evidence is leading him to a conclusion his sanity cannot accept. And a new, eerie voice in his soul is luring him into a netherworld of nighttime assignations, desires he cannot understand, and a vampire looking for more than blood..." (from book cover)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0446365378, Warner Books, 1994

More by Sherry Gottleib: Worse than Death

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