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Marquis de Sade Vampire Series by Mary Ann Mitchell

[Sips of Blood] Sips of Blood

"The Marquis de Sade still lives as one of the undead, and rumors of his evil deeds don't begin to describe what the Marquis has become. His tastes remain the same, only more pronounced. And his desire for blood has become a hunger. " (description from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0843945559, Leisure Books, 1999



"An evil stalks the clubs and seedy hotels of San Francisco's shadowy underworld. It preys on the unfortunate, the outcasts, the misfits. It is an evil born of the eternal bloodlust of one of the undead, the infamous nobleman known to the ages as...the Marquis de Sade. He and his unholy offspring feed upon those who wont be missed, giving full vent to their dark desires and a thirst for blood that can never be sated. Yet while the Marquis amuses himself with the lives of his victims, with their pain and their torture, other vampires to their new lives of eternal night. And as the Marquis will soon learn, hatred and vengeance can be eternal as well undead can barely imagine." (description from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0843947179, Leisure Books, 2000

[Cathedral  of Vampires]

Cathedral of Vampires

"The Marquis de Sade managed to survive the French Revolution despite having a mother-in-law intent on keeping him imprisoned. Madame de Montreuil was smitten with Sade prior to his marriage to her daughter. Once the rumors about his debauchery started, she decided it would be best to have him confined either in a jail or an asylum.

Not that Sade was more depraved than the other noblemen of the time, for he wasn't. Only Sade demanded more public attention. The other nobles were content to keep their activities secret. Sade was not. His indiscretions brought about a passionate war between Sade and Madame de Montreuil.

This historical pairing gave me the idea for my vampire series. The two could spend an eternity tormenting each other. However, once my Madame de Montreuil became a vampire, she altered her sense of morality and found joy in being a dominatrix. How else could a woman have men begging her to draw their blood? Briefly Sade was able to escape his mother-in-law, but in CATHEDRAL OF VAMPIRES she's back—meaner than ever. This time she meets Justin, a young man trying to do right but faltering because of his own dark inheritance. Justin is loosely based on Sade's own character Justine. The poor girl couldn't escape the ravages of her time, and Justin can't break away from his close union with vampirism. Should he remain with the vampires to free them with a stake through the heart? Or should he allow himself to love a human and perhaps put her life in danger?" (description from Leisure Books)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0843950234, Leisure Books, 2002

[Tainted  Blood]

Tainted Blood

"The master vampire Marquis de Sade is determined to find the woman who has made his life hell for two centuries and to destroy her once and for all. His quest leads him to a seemingly normal suburban family in America--but they, too, are vampires . . . and are as dangerous as Sade. " (from Forbes Book Club)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0843950919, Dorchester Pub. Co., 2003

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