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Millennial Novels by Sarah Jane Stratford

The Midnight  Guardian: A Millennial NovelThe Midnight Guardian

"Although it is not the vampire way to interfere with human politics, they remember the destruction of the first World War. Their food supply was badly depleted, leading to a vampire famine, and a devastating vampire war. When London’s vampire tribunal senses that Hitler is paving the way for another human war, they are determined to break the spine of the Nazis before much more damage is done. But as they delve deep into Hitler’s war machine, they discover that the Nazis are more monstrous than they ever imagined, and that they are more encumbered by their inhumanity than they ever thought.

A vampire saga in the tradition of The Vampire Chronicles, the debut title in this exciting new series follows the beautiful and cunning Brigit’s attempt to escape from the continent and return to her long-time lover Eamon in London, while shepherding out dangerous cargo that is the only hope of salvaging their mission. As Brigit, a millennial vampire, over a thousand-years old and possessed of special powers earned by age, hurls toward her destiny on a Reich train, she is tailed by vampire hunters and Nazi officers out to destroy her. Her soul’s eternal love waits for her across the channel, and she’ll need his strength and the strains of humanity yet alive inside her if she’s ever to find her way back home. " (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0312611382, St. Martin's Griffin, September 2010 (Hardcover released 2009)

The Moonlight Brigade: A Millennial NovelThe Moonlight Brigade

"When a vital member of the British millennials' mission goes missing after an intense firefight with Nazi-supported vampire hunters, Mors, the mission's powerful leader, vows to discover the truth behind his disappearance. The perilous search takes Mors from Berlin to his own ancient stomping grounds - Rome.

Mors was once one of the Roman Republic's greatest generals - until his rebirth as a vampire under unprecedented circumstances - and when he sees Italy under Fascism, he forms a new mission: to return the country to a true republic, and perhaps guide its people into the light himself.

But it will take collaboration with human partisans to achieve his new dream, a dangerous alliance that most vampires would never attempt, made even more unstable by his growing love for the partisans' beautiful and brave organizer, Giulia. As the Allies prepare to invade Italy, and hunters and Nazi-collaborators start to encircle him, Mors's quest for vengeance, intense passion, and hunger for power force him to confront the demons of both his past and present. A very different war is about to begin..." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0312560133, St. Martin's Griffin, August 2011

Interview: The Vampire Library's Q&A with Sarah Jane Stratford

Websites: www.sarahjanestratford.com & Facebook Fan Club

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