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Moral Vampire Series by Rosemarie E. Bishop

[Search for a Soul]Search for a Soul

"Afraid of being alone for eternity, Christian Desmonde goes against his faith and Christian beliefs and selfishly gives Audra, a woman he believes he loves, the gift of everlasting life. 200 years later, he's not only living with the horrible guilt of what he did, he now must live with the appalling thing he created. Only Jesse, an angel sent by God, and Roni, a beautiful mortal woman who is helping Christian accept his vampirism, can help Christian keep his sanity and prove to himself that even a vampire has a soul. Search For A Soul is a spellbinding novel dealing with not only the day to day battle between good and evil, but also our own internal struggle between what is good and bad in each of us." (from rosemariebishop.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0738801976, Xlibris Corporation, 1999
Paperback Info: ISBN 0738801984, Xlibris Corporation, 1999

[A Matter of Conscience]

A Matter of Conscience

"After more than 500 years, Christian Desmonde is finally going to be reunited with Diana, his sister whom he never knew had joined the immortal world of the vampire. But she is discovered by the oldest, most vicious vampire in existence . . . . . . . Gaetano Minotti, who is also the head of the MAFIA. Only Jesse, an angel and friend of the vampires, has a chance to save her. A Matter Of Conscience is a tantalizing novel that deals with the power of love and the destructive potential of even the simplest lie which can become devastating if left unsettled in truth." (from rosemariebishop.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0738804525, Xlibris Corporation, 1999
Paperback Info: ISBN 0738804533, Xlibris Corporation, 1999

[Spiritual Vengeance]

Spiritual Vengeance

"Vampires, Christian Desmonde, Diana Desmonde, and Samuel LaFleur, learn from Serella Stone, a witch from the 12th century, that energy in any form can only be changed, restructured, but never destroyed. This energy includes the energy of life. That fact becomes the basis for what is to come next. Spiritual Vengeance is Rosemarie's finest triumph in depicting how closely related both sides of existence can actually be, and what it might take to effect the desired results in both." (from rosemariebishop.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 1401015999, Xlibris Corporation, 2001
Paperback Info: ISBN 1401016006, Xlibris Corporation, 2001

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