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Necroscope Saga by Brian Lumley


"Buried in the Romanian mountains, trapped in unlife, Thibor Ferenczy teaches his human tool, Boris Dragosani, to rip secrets from the minds and bodies of the dead, to gain world domination, but Harry Koegh, the Necroscope, can save both the worlds of the living and of the dead." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN: 0812521374, Tor Books


Necroscope II : Vamphyri!

"Harry Keogh, necroscope, thought that the war with the vampires had ended with the destruction of Boris Dragosani--his nemesis from Necroscope. But the man who talks to the dead lives on, more powerful than ever, able to transport himself instantly to any spot on the globe--and to speak mind to mind with both the living and the dead." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 0812521269, Tor Books

[The Source]

The Source : Necroscope III

"The Source, book three of the Necroscope series, finds Harry Keogh frantically searching for his missing wife and son. To further complicate matters, Harry discovers the war against the vampires is far from over, for other creatures of the night are planning the destruction of mankind.." (summary from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Order Info: ISBN: 0312867646, Tor Books
Paperback Order Info: ISBN: 0812521277, Tor Books


Deadspeak : Necroscope IV

"A new evil rears its head in the Balkan Mountains. Janos Ferenczy, master vampire and black magician, has risen from an ages-long sleep. As the first step in his plans of conquest, he conjures dead men and women into a perverse semblance of life and subjects them to fiendish tortures. But the shrieks of the dead barely begin to satisfy Janos's bloodlusts as he prepares an army of undead warriors to conquer the world. The dead try desperately to attract the Necroscope's attention, but Harry Keogh is deaf to their pleas and their screams. As Harry searches for a cure, he learns that to save mankind he must ally himself with the crafty father of vampires, the infamous Faethor Ferenczy. Centuries dead, Faethor lies in his grave and schemes. He will help Harry defeat Janos-but his price will be very high indeed!" (From Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 0812530322, Tor Books


Deadspawn : Necroscope V

"There's a maniacal murderer on the loose, brutally slaughtering young women with a ferocity that rivals that of the vampires Harry Keogh has spent his life combatting. The Necroscope's been asked to solve the crimes... asked by the dead spirits of a madman's victims.

Harry cannot turn down a request from the dead... even if it costs him his soul. In the climatic battle with the vampires, mankind prevailed and purged the vampires from earth - thanks to Harry, his team of psychically gifted spies, and Faether Ferenczy, long dead 'father' of the world's vampires, who betrayed his own kind.

But Harry's alliance with Faether has a terrible cost - Harry's very humanity is under attack from the vampire evil coiled in his mind!" (from book cover)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812508351, Tor Books

The Vampire World Series

[Blood Brothers]

Blood Brothers

In this first book of a new series, but still following with the Necroscope series, Harry Keogh's twin sons (Nestor and Nathan Kiklu) must take on a new generation of vampires who are out to destroy the gypsies.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812520610, Tor Books

[The Last Aerie]

The Last Aerie

The Kiklu twins are now sworn enemies. Nestor becomes a Wamphyri Lord plotting war against humankind, while Nathan is trapped on Earth trying to return to his own world to battle his evil twin.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812520629, TOR Books



"At the height of their powers, twin brothers Nathan and Nestor Keogh are locked in mortal combat, determined to destroy each other. The outcome of their battle will determine the fates of two worlds and countless humans." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 0812536282, Tor Books

The Lost Years Series

[Lost Years]

Necroscope : The Lost Years

"As a young man, Harry Keogh discovered that he was a Necroscope--that he could talk to the dead and transport himself instantly to any place in the world. Harry also discovered that vampires stalked the earth, and that they were a thousand times more terrible than anyone ever imagined. Now, Harry finds himself searching for his wife and son, who disappeared in the midst of Harry's war against the undead monsters that plague mankind." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 0812553632, Tor books


Necroscope : Resurgence

"The pulse-pounding conclusion to Necroscope: The Lost Years. Harry Keogh, the Necroscope, the man who can talk to the dead, and Earth's greatest vampire hunter, has been searching for his wife and infant son, gone missing during Harry's war against the vampires. This obsession has left him open to subtle influence by an ancient vampire, Radu. Entombed in amber, Trapped in undeath, Radu plans his resurrection and plots the destruction of other vampires who might challenge his supremacy." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 0812553640, Tor Books

E-Branch Trilogy

[Necroscope: Invaders]

Necroscope: Invaders

"Three great vampires--two Lords and a Lady--fall upon an unsuspecting Earth, a world teeming with defenseless human life. Easy prey for the marauding vampires, mankind will quickly be laid waste, or so they think.

But Earth has defenders. Though the Necroscope is gone, the powerful ESP-powered spy organization he once led still exists. Mentally alert for the slightest sign of vampiric taint, the men and women of E-Branch have already moved against the fringes of the vampire infestation. Destroying minor vampires is all well and good, but the Lords and Lady must be found and eradicated. Without Harry Keogh and his connection to the teeming dead, E-Branch seems crippled, always two steps behind its enemies.

When a young man turns up in the triply locked "Harry's Room" in E-Branch's London HQ, no one quite knows what to make of him--least of all the young man himself. Jake remembers running for his life, thousands of miles from London . . . and then nothing.

Now he feels a curious whispering deep within his mind. And his dreams have become very strange, filled with visitations from dead vampires and dead people and Harry Keogh himself.

If Jake is the new Necroscope, he has to learn--fast!--how to control his powers and speak to the dead. E-Branch, with the reluctant Jake along for the ride, is about to go head-to-head with Malinari the Mind, a vampire Lord whose psychic abilities are second to none.

But the dead don't trust Jake, not like they once trusted Harry. Jake's spending too much time talking to a dead vampire, and too much time on personal revenge. He's got to start thinking about the future--or he won't have one!" (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Order Info: ISBN: 0312868146, Tor Books, 1999
Paperback Order Info: ISBN: 0312868146, Tor Books, 1999

[Necroscope: Defilers]

Necroscope: Defilers

"E-Branch's vampire woes intensify in Necroscope Defilers, the 12th installment of Lumley's series. A trio of seriously nasty critters are spreading their spawn on earth, but E-Branch is in crisis. Jake Cutter, the new Necroscope, is preoccupied with a personal vendetta--he's hunting down the Sicilian mobsters who killed his girlfriend. Jake also faces another minor distraction--a dead vampire named Korath is stuck inside his head, whispering evil nothings into his ear all day long. As the unholy monsters descend upon the Greek island of Krassos, it seems all hell will break loose--literally. Will Jake return to E-Branch and help annihilate this unholy scum, or is mankind doomed?" (from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 0312872615, Tor Books, 2000

[Necroscope: Avengers]

Necroscope: Avengers

"Jake Cutter, the newest member of E-Branch, tackles the latest development of the secret war against a trio of extra-dimensional Wamphyri as he tracks down the source of a deadly plague that transforms its sleeping victims into inhuman monsters. Lumley's conclusion to a trilogy that includes Necroscope: Invaders and Necroscope: Defilers features scenes of graphic horror, fast-paced action, and political intrigue. " (from Library Journal)

Order Info: ISBN: 0312879237, Tor Books, 2001


[Necroscope: Avengers]

Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes!

"Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes! is a collection of eight long short stories featuring Brian Lumley's most popular characters and includes three brand-new stories of Harry Keogh, the original Necroscope!

Titus Crow: Psychic detective, master magician, destroyer of the ancient Chthulian gods. In "Inception," we see the infant Titus at the moment his destiny falls upon him. In "Lord of the Worms," a simple secretarial job lands Crow on a sacrificial altar. And in "Name and Number," Henri Laurent de Marigny details a battle between Titus Crow and malevolent, occult winds which can rip living flesh from bone.

David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer: once men of the waking world, now agents for King Kuranes of the Dreamlands. Sips of "The Weird Wines of Naxas Niss" send the pair on a tumultuous journey from a buxom beauty's bed to the depths of a wizard's dungeon. Then, seeking his missing friend, David Hero boards an ill-fated airship that is home to "The Stealer of Dreams."

Harry Keogh, Necroscope: vampire killer without peer, capable of conversing with the dead. A sudden windfall brings Harry to Las Vegas, where he meets "Dead Eddie," a gambler who can't resist trying for one last big win from beyond the grave. In "Dinosaur Dreams, Harry's interest in fossils leads him to uncover the truth behind the death of a young amateur paleontologist . . . and to discover that it's not just dead people he can call on in a crisis . . . . Harry's undying love for his mother leads him down a dangerous path in "Resurrection."

Four of Lumley's greatest heroes. Three of his most popular worlds. Tales to chill and to delight. Open the book and be swept away." (from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 0765310600, Tor Books, 2005

Website: Brian Lumley.com: Necroscope

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