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Night of the Harvest Moon: Vampyre by Everett L. Winrow

[Night of  the Harvest Moon]Night Of The Harvest Moon: Vampyre is a gothic horror narrative, one that delves deeply into the souls of its characters. The tale begins in the late 1800’s in Central Europe, primarily Moldavia and Transylvania and expands to London and Sweden. Harvest Moon is a story of immense reprisals, hatred, and passion. Sorcery, demonology, and religion are essential elements that interweave within the physical and supernatural planes of existence of all those involved. The Vampyre learns of ancient knowledge that existed long before Egyptian civilization, the Ta Merians. The nosferatu also learns of other dimensions and secrets of man and god, another race of beings before the existence of humankind. With this knowledge the Vampyre’s revenge is set in place with hatred that far surpasses that of, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and Kremhild of the Die Nibelungen, and the avenger of Siegfried. The Command Demon, Karcist and Rulers of the North and South Airts, Azazel and Pazuzu with the aid of the Bloodstone Ematille, are summoned by the antagonist Dijon. They are to do his bidding in the Circle Of Magic for one sole purpose: the sacrifice of human life in order to gain his immortal existence. (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0595276296, iUniverse

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