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Nihility by Tami Dotter

NihilityNihility - Nothingness, Nonexsistance

For many residents that's exactly what the city was, a cess pool of violence and crime where many struggled just to survive. Perhaps they should have just called it Hell? But for Andy Arkine this was home. Being orphaned at birth, he bounced between good and bad foster homes. Always ending up back in the orphanage until he finally turned eighteen and signed up with the army. Of course, army life was no walk in the park either. In Vietnam he learned how to survive and how to kill. After returning to the United States he decided he would pursue his one true passion, he wanted to be a police officer. Getting through the academy was the easy part.

Andy finds himself face to face with creatures of legend and myth. He knows they are real, but in true cop fashion, he has to prove that they are real. Most of his fellow officers believe he is insane, even his partner begins to question Andy's motives. Further inhibiting his investigative efforts is a nasty little illness known as cancer. Andy knew that death was never been far behind him. Now he is racing the clock, trying to bring to light what has always hid in darkness. Vampires are very real, very deadly, and very hard to catch. The question becomes, who is hunting who? There is a fine line between life and death, good and evil, the line that vampires walk.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0805979743, RoseDog Books, 2008

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