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No Release: A Vampire’s Tale by Elaina Harper

[No Release: A  Vampire's Tale]"Seldom does the immortal touch the mortal plain. Only in those last moments of life, when the mortal is chosen that the immortal might continue to exist, is true contact made. This is a timeless principle that has held true for Vincent, a vampire who is forced to exist beyond the shadows of mortal existence in present day London. This is Vincent's life as one of the undead until he encounters a young woman quite unlike any he has ever known. Jessica, an American student stranded in England, turns Vincent's vicious intent into fascination with a vibrant personality and lust for life that invigorates the beast. A forbidden relationship is formed, and when they reach a point of trust both are placed in peril by Vincent's past with their happiness and lives at stake." (From Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0741406667, Infinity Publishing, 2001

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