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Noble Dead Saga by Barb & J.C. Hendee


"The launch of a major new vampire series-set in a classic fantasy universe... A con-artist who poses as a vampire slayer learns that she is, in fact, a true vampire slayer-a dhampir-whose actions have attracted the unwanted attention of a trio of powerful vampires seeking her blood." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0451459067, Roc, 2003

Thief of  Lives

Thief of Lives

"On the heels of Dhampir, Barb and J. C. Hendee's acclaimed fantasy debut, comes a new novel featuring Magiere and Leesil, slayers of the undead...

Magiere the dhampir and Leesil, her half-elf partner, are called out of their self-imposed retirement when vampires besiege the town of Bela-and are discovered to be in a league with the town's most prominent elders..." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0451459539, Roc, 2004

Sister of the  Dead

Sister of the Dead

"The Noble Dead saga continues as Magiere and Leesil, the slayers of the undead for DHAMPIR and THIEF OF LIVES, embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of their mysterious origins - and those responsible for orchestrating the events that brought them together....

Magiere is a dhampir - half human, half vampire - sired for the purpose of slaying the undead. Outside the village of Chemestúk, where she was born and raised, stands her father's keep. Within its walls, she hopes to discover the secrets of her past and figure out why a vampire would wish to breed a creature capable of slaughtering his own kind....

But there are those who don't want Magiere to learn the truth—and when her half-elf partner, Leesil, makes a startling discovery in the keep, he can understand why. Before Leesil can reveal the truth to Magiere, they must vanquish a creature of unimaginable and unlimited power who has damned a small village of people with a horrifying curse..." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 045146009X, Roc, 2005

Traitor to the  Blood

Traitor to the Blood

"The national bestselling Noble Dead Saga continues as Magiere the dhampir and Leesil the half-elf embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of their mysterious origins-and for those responsible for orchestrating the events that brought them together." (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0451460669, Roc, 2006
Paperback Info: ISBN 0451460901, Roc, 2007

Rebel Fay

Rebel Fay

"Desperate to free his mother from a caste of ruthless elven assassins, Leesil joins his beloved Magiere, the sage Wynn, and their canine protector, Chap, on a difficult journey through mountains and harsh winter. Should they survive the hardships of wilderness, they still face the perils of the mysterious Elven Territories.

Unbeknownst to them, they've been united at the command of Chap's Fay kin to forge an alliance against the forces of dark magic. But now Chap must guard his companions from enemies and allies-not always certain which is which. And as they uncover the truth, they discover just how close the enemy has always been. " (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0451461215, Roc, 2007

Child of a  Dead God

Child of a Dead God

"For years, Magiere and Leesil have sought a long-forgotten artifact, even though its purpose has been shrouded in mystery. All Magiere knows is that she must keep the orb from falling into the hands of a murdering Noble Dead, her half-brother Welstiel. And now, dreams of a castle locked in ice lead her south, on a journey that has become nothing less than an obsession.

Accompanying Magiere and Leesil are the sage Wynn, their canine protector Chap, and two elven assassins-turned-guardians who must fight their distrust of this sister of the dead. For forces more powerful than they are rallying around Magiere, arming her for the conflict to come. Because finding the orb may be just the beginning of the challenges that await her..." (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0451461878, Roc, 2008

In Shade and  Shadow

In Shade and Shadow

"After her adventures with Magiere and Leesil, Wynn Hygeorht has returned to the Guild of Sagecraft, bearing texts supposedly penned by vampires from the time of the Forgotten History and the Great War. Seized by the Guild’s scholars and sent out for copying without Wynn’s consent, several pages disappear—and the two sages charged with conveying these pages are murdered. Suspicious of the Guild, separated from the only friends she fully trusts, and convinced the Noble Dead are responsible for the killings, Wynn embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of the texts." (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0451462505, Roc, 2009

Through Stone and SeaThrough Stone and Sea

"Wynn journeys to the mountain stronghold of the dwarves in search of the "Stonewalkers," an unknown sect supposedly in possession of important ancient texts. But in her obsession to understand these writings, she will find more puzzles and questions buried in secrets old and new-along with an enemy she thought destroyed..." (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0451463129, Roc, 2010

Of Truth and BeastsOf Truth and Beasts

"In each of its novels, The Noble Dead Saga has swept readers into a world of "Tolkienesque fantasy [and] vampire-infused horror."* (Publishers Weekly

Now, young Journeyor Wynn Hygeorht finds herself cast into the wilds on a dangerous quest for knowledge that may instead lead to her doom..." (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0451463757, Roc, January 2011

Between Their WorldsBetween Their Worlds

"Magiere and Leesil must rescue Wynn Hygeort from her captivity in the Guild of Sagecraft. But Wynn doesn't want to give up access to the ancient scrolls that may help them locate the last of the magical Orbs coveted by the Ancient Enemy." (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0451464354, Roc, January 2012

Website: www.nobledead.com

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