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Only Human by Maria Bradley

Only HumanAecia is surrounded by the 53 members of her vampire clan but she is alone. She carries the burden of her terrible secret, shared only with her beloved uncle and her frightened parents. She was born of a long line of vampires, yet she is HUMAN!

She lives in the futuristic world of 3012, where evolution has ensured that the world is ruled by vampires, and her life is a theatre production with Aecia as the leading actress. Her uncle “Doctor Rauul” creates her disguise which she must wear every day and night to prevent her discovery.

Aecia’s days are our nights, and she longs for a world where she could enjoy sunlight on her face, and have a human friend to share her secrets and her anxieties, as her own humanity continues to threaten her existence.

On her fourteenth birthday, she receives a diary and begins to write down her fears and her longings, and her desperate loneliness makes her see the diary as a human friend “Amica”. Amica is with her when she falls in and out of love, when she wrestles with the problems of every teenager and when she becomes a young woman. After meeting the mysterious and attractive Garok, she suddenly realises the possibility that she is not alone in her humanity.

How much longer can she carry the weight of her secret? Could Garok be human and if there are their more people in her condition, how does she find them? As she navigates her way through her increasingly dangerous life, she discovers her real identity and the truth of her origins is enough to shake the foundations of the Vampire World forever. (summary from Amazon.com)

Kindle Version: ASIN B00BZ5OLTA

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