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Power of the Blood Series by Nancy Kilpatrick

[Child of the Night]Child of the Night

When Carol Robins goes to France to escape her dead marriage she is captured by a wealthy vampire, Andre. In exchange for her freedom, Carol allows Andre to do whatever he wants except drink her blood. When Carol becomes pregnant she stays with Andre until the child is born. She tries to flee but is caught by Andre, who takes the child from her, erasing her memories of them. Years later the memories are triggered and she sets out to Quebec to be with her child.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1901914143, Firebird Distributing, 1997

[Near Death]

Near Death

Vampire David Lyle Hardwick uses the girl who was sent to kill him to track down who is after him. 25 year old Kathleen Stevens is a street smart drug addict who comes to form a relationship with David, going with him to New York and then Canada in attempts to save him. In Canada they meet up with David's friends from the past, as well as his pursuer, who has plans for world domination.

Paperback Info: ISBN 067188090X, 1994



Order Info: ISBN 1901914208, Firebird Distributing, 1997



"Two of the most popular characters in the series Power of the Blood meet in a theatrical novel full of passion, violence, intrigue and revenge.

London, England. It is the 1960s, and anything goes. Julien has been around for almost 500 years, and most of that time he's been alone. Relationships are a power struggle for him, extremely violent, and he intends to hold the reins. Jeanette has her own problems with relationship. To her, Julien is just another man to be manipulated in her shallow world. When these two strong, determined personalities clash, power changes hands again and again and again. Who will win, who will lose? And who, ultimately, will survive?" (Summary from Baskerville Books)

Order Info: ISBN 0968677606, Baskerville Publishers, 2000

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