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Predatoress by Emma Gabor

A gifted, beautiful college freshman, Emma, is victimized by a vampire in Transdanubia, Hungary. In turn, she selfishly vampirizes her three best friends for companionship in her nightly quest for human blood. They rampage through Hungary and Vienna spreading the scourge. But her conscience and desire to love Zoltan and live a normal life, drives her to find a cure based on original genome research. She has a chance to rid the world of vampirism once and for all and become a power for good.

It's September 2003 in the ancient town of Sopron, Hungary, when one of Dracula's spawn turns me, Emma Gabor, an 18-year-old college freshman, into one of The Undead. I become a blood-thirsty but reluctant vampire, constantly questioning my morality as I foist myself upon victim after victim.

Compelled by survival and unwilling to tread this path alone, I vampirize my three best friends, Kati, Gizi, and Eszti. We go on bloodthirsty rampages every night, luring our victims through charm and sexuality or simply overpowering them with tricks and violence.

Out on the town one night at Club Colosso for a joint feeding session with my friends, I dance with Zoltan Szabo, a genetic research fellow at the university, who is also the love object of my friends, Kati and Eszti. We form a friendship based on scientific interests and fall in love at a charity ball held in the ancient castle of Frakno. We consummate our passion! I now realize that working with Zoltan could be the key to freeing my friends and me from this terrible scourge of vampirism! I must, with great pain, hold back from telling him the truth and from making him one of The Undead.

To minimize our chance of getting caught in town, and to spread out the victims more evenly, the four of us go to Budapest in search of prey. We invite the composer, Attila Vertes to our nightspot table with a poem, which he answers with another one, suggesting he knows what we are! He discloses that although her mother was a vampire, she protected him and he composed his opera, "Bloody Tears," about her. There is an instant union of souls between him and Gizi, who invites him to Sopron. Eventually I am compelled to tell Zoltan about my condition. He is repelled and rejects me...." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893798577, Newmedia Publishing, 2009

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