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Reflection by Aaron T. Brownell

[Reflection]"Beginning on the dark and gloomy seventeenth century London harbor docks, Lady Sara Anne Grey sets out to tell her tale of existence as a vampire. Her story turns out to be not only one of a transition to the undead, but also from only daughter to self made business mogul. Constantly under siege from her darker nature, Sara’s light hearted youthfulness slowly gives way to pragmatism. In telling her story of years gone by comes a realization that dealing with both the undead and the human realms has led her to view worldly events not merely as good versus evil but more situations of cause and effect. A view that seems to slowly separate her from both the humans and vampires." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0595465668, iUniverse, 2007

Sequel: Contention

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