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Reflections of a Vampire by Damion Kirk

[Reflections  of a Vampire]"The sexy one thousand-year-old vampire Gérard St. Laurue is hunting the dark streets of Manhattan looking for minions to protect him while he takes the traditional mandatory “millennium rest” in less than a week.

He’s found two potential minions. One is Fury, a handsome sixteen-year-old boy who longs to belong. The other is Elka, a beautiful young woman who reminds the vampire of a long lost lover. He must have them both.

But can St. Laurue turn them in time?

Meanwhile, he’s being chased by a Manhattan detective and an enigmatic group called the Daemonion Council. When nearly cornered in a midtown Goth nightclub called Nocturnal Rounds, St. Laurue realizes he needs help. Enter Brigitte, the vampire’s younger sister.

Join the two sibling vampires as they fight for survival, while continuing an ancient blood feud with their devious and controlling father." (From Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0971855056, RahuBooks, 2002

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